The beautiful model, who was threatened with very private poses

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The beautiful model, who was threatened with very private poses

In 2019, the model, who posed nude for a photo shoot, was shaken by the fact that some of the poses in the unpublished part of these photos fell into the hands of malicious people outside the shooting team. The beautiful model, who was threatened with very private poses, applied to the prosecutor’s office for this.

Do not misunderstand! She sued the production company that made the shooting, not the people who blackmailed and threatened. The beautiful model, who shared this with fire on her social media accounts, said, “Those responsible for this incident affecting my career will pay the heaviest price.”


French supermodel most recognized for her campaign with Estée Lauder. She was ranked 8th on the Top 50 Models list put out by


She loved sports as a child, playing tennis for nine years prior to modeling.


She has graced the cover of more than half a dozen different international versions of Vogue magazine.


She was born in Lille, France. She began dating photographer Vicen Akina in 2016.


She has modeled extensively, both in magazines and on the runway, for designer Zac Posen.

Personal Life

Constance Jablonski has always wanted to be a tennis player and she has pursued that dream for 9 consecutive years. However, her new love, fashion, took her away from that purpose. She is the kind of model who eats enough vegetables and fruits to keep herself healthy and she always eats in the morning. Her favorite fashion designers are Martin Margiela, Salvatore Ferragamo, Dolce &Gabbana and Alberta Ferretti. Often called “Ten” by her father, Constance Jablonski prefers parks and nature in general rather than controlled environments. She wears light make-up in her own time, trying to give her skin a well-deserved break. Jablonski started dating businessman ImadIzemrane in 2011.