They broke up because of this photo shoot

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They broke up because of this photo shoot

Don’t say what a pose, a posture or a look can cause. This beautiful model ended up in court because of a pose next to the wrong person. Now she is a bachelor! “They broke up because of this photo shoot and because of the person who took the photo”



Two years before their marriage, she had an affair with the person who took these photographs. It was a love affair that lasted for a year. Although there was a lot of sharing and a lot of time spent together, they broke up. When we crossed paths again professionally, it was a big problem


Honestly, when I put myself in his shoes, I would have reacted very strongly, but I wouldn’t have divorced him, because this is a profession and this is what this woman does and he had to respect her. Let’s underline that it was a very bad coincidence. The beautiful model said in a statement


“Brian made too much of some things and cared too much about some people. What’s over is over, the past is the past, people live for the future. He didn’t choose to look at it that way and he said he wanted to break up with me and I respected that. The news that I was with my ex is a lie. There is no possibility that I will ever be with him again, it was just a job. He took pictures of me and I posed for them and I guess it was a bad coincidence. It was supposed to be like this and it was like this, and I expect everyone to respect it.”


The beautiful model, who left the court after these statements, answered a question asked to her as follows. Would you say yes to a photo shoot with your ex again? This is my profession and I respect my profession very much, I am a professional, I would not want such a thing to happen, but if it happens, yes, of course I will realize this shooting.


What would you do if such a situation happened to you? But please be honest when answering this because it is a difficult decision


I am not surprised that the divorce rate in our country is increasing because after Corona, everyone’s balance has been disturbed. Now jealousy is a problem in our country.