These photos represent an unfinished shoot.

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These photos represent an unfinished shoot.

These photos represent an unfinished shoot. The beautiful model was going to do a detailed shoot for this car in three different bikinis. Since it was a private area, the staff from the local administration came and made the necessary warning before the shooting started, so the model could not pose for any pose.


He simply explained their situation on their social media accounts and posted the following photos of them. “Why are you offended by photos of a beautiful woman and a beautiful car?” He asked


At the same time, talking about some of the dialogues experienced, the beautiful model said that while everyone is committing crimes, we are just trying to produce art, but this is a problem. They received a fine for shooting without legal permission, and a separate fine for parking a car where it should not be.


In a statement made by the photo studio that will carry out the shooting, a statement was made declaring that the shooting was postponed for the completion of legal permits

Even in these photos, which were taken in a sloppy and hurry, the model looks perfect in a black bikini, and as soon as she shares the photos after the permissions are completed, we will make content from here.


I don’t know what you think, but if we all have a cell phone on us and we can take pictures of anywhere we want with these cell phones, I think a model and a shooting team should be able to do this job wherever they want.


I don’t agree. I think what’s been done is disrespectful. Blocking 45 minutes or at most 1 hour of filming is not good for anyone.


But isn’t the most striking thing about these photos the car’s wheels? These tires, which match the Camaro’s tire size, look perfect with these wheels

Nce car… Nice woman