A famous model who was

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A famous model who was


A famous model who was a Playboy star had her car stolen during a shoot. The management of the venue was sued for the theft of her car. The important thing is not the car, but what happens in the torpedo, I hope this is a joke and I hope it ends as soon as possible, he summarized the situation he was in. When they watched the cameras, they saw that the people who took the car entered with the key and did not have any difficulty, so they wondered if someone they knew was playing a joke. It is not a joke. Although three days have passed, all legal attempts have been made for the car that has not been heard from yet.

Age, Country, Boob Job, Bra Size, Body Measurements, Social Links, etc.

When is Carissa White’s birthday?

Carissa White was born on January 20, 1990.

How old is Carissa White?

Carissa White is 33.


What is Carissa White’s zodiac sign?

Carissa White’s zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Where is Carissa White from?

Carissa White from United States.

Did Carissa White get a boob job?

No. Carissa White have natural boobs.





Does Carissa White have natural breasts or implants?

Carissa White doesn’t have implants. She has natural breasts.

What is Carissa White’s boob size?

Carissa White’s boob size is 34A.

What is Carissa White’s chest size?

Carissa White’s chest is 34in (86cm).

What color are Carissa White’s eyes?

Carissa White’s eyes are green.

What color is Carissa White’s hair?

Carissa White’s hair is blonde.




How tall is Carissa White?

Carissa White is 5ft 3in (161cm) tall.

What does Carissa White weigh?

Carissa White weighs 105lbs (48kg).

What is Carissa White’s waist size?

Carissa White’s waist is 23in (58cm).

What is Carissa White’s hip size?

Carissa White’s hip is 35in (88cm).


What are Carissa White’s body measurements?

Carissa White’s body measurements are 34-23-35in (86-58-88cm).



What is Carissa White’s shoe size?

Carissa White’s shoe size 36 eu.

Does Carissa White have tattoos?

No Tattoos.


Does Carissa White have piercings?

No Piercings.

What ethnicity is Carissa White?

Carissa White is Caucasian.

Does Carissa White have Instagram?

Yes. Carissa White’s Instagram is @misscarissawhite.



Does Carissa White have Facebook?

Yes. Carissa White’s Facebook is ModelCarissaWhite.



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