10 Quickest Muscle Cars Of 1969

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10 Quickest Muscle Cars Of 1969

10 Quickest Muscle Cars Of 1969 | What They Cost Then Vs Now

In the late 1960s, muscle cars were at the height of their popularity. These cars were designed to be fast and powerful, and they dominated the streets and racetracks of America. Among the muscle cars produced in 1969, some were faster and more powerful than others. In this article, we will take a look at the 10 quickest muscle cars of 1969 and compare their prices then and now.



As a 19 year old in 1969, I bought my first new car, a ’69 Mustang Mach One with 428 Cobra Jet and a four speed. Paid $4200 for it. It was an amazing time. You could walk into a Ford dealership and drive out with what was literally a race car. Got about 10 mpg at best, but gasoline was .20 cents a gallon, so who cared. Late one night I raced a 69′ Dodge Charger with 440 six pack between two rural Texas towns. It was 30 miles between towns, and we made the run in 17 minutes. Ah, the immortality of youth. Thanks for the look back at the good old days of muscle cars.


I graduated from HS in 1974. All these cars were easily affordable even to a high school student. For some reason State Farm did not charge a premium for insurance if they were 5 years old. My 1969 400 4spd Firebird with 40K miles was $1400. Roadrunners, GTOs, 428 Stangs were common in the HS parking lot. Surprised any of us survived.



I was in high school from 68-72, and saw all these cars in high school parking lots and at football games and parties. Amazing. A friend of on the swim team, got a Plymouth GTX 440 six pack convertible for a graduation present in 1970 from his father, but his younger sister totaled it a couple years later. Unbelievable time in history.


In the late ’70’s I was in the military. My first car was a ’70 Plymouth Roadrunner, 383HP (335 Horse) with Air Grabber, A-727B auto trans and 4.10 Dana rear end. My roommate in the dorm had a ’70 Plymouth Cuda, 4-speed, 440-pack. I paid $1,500 for my Roadrunner. My roommate decided to separate after his four year term of duty and offered to sell me his Cuda for $1,500. I couldn’t afford a second car at that time. To this day looking back I should have bought his car and kept both. UGH! I had built my Runner up under the Direct Connection catalog for 11 sec bracket racer. It was a daily driver. I had tons of fun street racing. The meanest car I came up against was a friends ’68 Mustang 428SCJ 4-speed. He could not beat me. My car would hook right up out of the hole and launch with no massive burnout. I was lucky as a I drove his car a few times and the factory cam in it was very lumpy… that car just sounded mean as hell. “MOPAR or NO CAR.”

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I was 16 years old and bought my first car, the 440 6-Pack Roadrunner for $1,500 in 1970. At the time I had no idea what it really was, or what it could be worth. It came from the factory orange, but was metallic blue with a vinyl roof when I bought it. I sold it a year later for $1,800. Next to it was a Superbird with front nose extension and the high wing, going for $2,200, and next to that was a 1970 340 Challenger going for $2,500. Those were the days!!! The RR got about 4 MPG before a tune up, 6 after the tune up around town and 10 on the highway if I didn’t open up the other 2 carbs. Ate spark plugs in about a month, points every 2, but damn it was a lot of fun, and the girls loved it.