You didn’t hear wrong

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You didn’t hear wrong

A car enthusiast, a lover of the color red, in love with modeling and last but not least, an apple lover. Yes, she is. You didn’t hear wrong. This model works with apples.

Brian, who worked as a shooting supervisor, was cracking up laughing when he told about the jokes the model made and what he ate during the shooting 😀 firstly, he talked about apples, secondly, he told that the model turned into a stand-up artist with fear because they heard animal sounds in the place where the shooting was taking place


First of all, let me explain about the apple, the model brought only two apples with her and since she finished her apples before the shooting even started, they bought five kilograms of apples with the whole set crew so that they could eat apples. Their goal was to give the apples after dinner time, but after dinner they realized that there were no apples 😀 there were none left. Of course, they don’t know that the mannequin ate them 😀 As a result, they bought 5 kg more around 3:00 in the afternoon and they barely saved the mannequin from the hands of the mannequin

Secondly, the strange sounds made by the standup artist mannequin lady 😀 they didn’t understand what kind of animal it was, but it was an eerie sound. S

ince the mannequin was scared, she was trying to make the same sound in case that animal would be scared by the same sound 😀 It was said that when she was scared, the mannequin turned into a personality that everyone could laugh at her.


As a result, they had a lot of fun. A beautiful day, a beautiful woman, a beautiful car, an 8-hour shoot with an excellent team, magnificent photos are in front of you. I hope you like them, they have new shootings with a white Mustang on the 19th of this month and I will bring them to you

Perfect girl, perfect car…