The most dazzling “Chevelle” poses.

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The most dazzling “Chevelle” poses.

A special recital presented for us by a perfect car and a beautiful woman from a day when classic car fairs take place in a carnival atmosphere, where legendary cars gather together and everyone smiles by reminiscing about the good old days…

A quality car show has its benefits, of course, it is a pleasure to look at the beautiful machines there, but if you go to a classic car show where old American cars are on display, beautiful women will definitely strike bold poses.



Car enthusiasts are not only men, women love cars and motors as much as men. There are of course many reasons to love powerful cars more, but this car is already a legend.


There is a story to be told for these poses. The camera shootings that started in the fairgrounds are done with various cars, some poses are realized, but neither the person taking the photo is satisfied nor the model is satisfied, so they talk about the need for more special shootings in a more special place and they leave the fair 4 hours early on the day of the fair.


Some shots are taken at a point they think is suitable, but those shots are not digitized because they are published only for a magazine.




The photos you have seen are five, but we know that 48 shots were taken, and we have organized the combination of two beauties for you to have more fun while looking at the photos of your favorite cars.


You can see this car tearing tires on the street, burning asphalt while speeding, or on a street while everyone is admiring it, but sometimes it meets a beautiful model under the lights. And everything suits this car very well.

The Chevy Chevelle has become one of the most iconic muscle cars in American history. The vehicle has been so popular, that it’s shown up in over 1,600 movies, such as “The Fast and The Furious” and “Jack Reacher,” staking its claim as Hollywood’s go-to muscle car. Though you might recognize the vehicle for its powerful, adrenaline-pumping qualities, you might not know that it also was a family favorite for its station wagon and sedan models.


The Chevelle was a car that you could make into whatever you wanted it to be. Find out more about the history of the Chevy Chevelle, along with some of the most popular options that you can still get your hands on today.

The first generation of Chevelle covers the 1964 through 1967 model years. Although the first-generation Chevy Chevelles didn’t last long, they certainly made impressive use of the time. The Chevelle’s body styling came in a two-door hardtop, known as the Sports Coupe, or in a convertible model. Surprisingly, the Chevelle also released a few four-door sedan models, as well as releasing two or four-door station wagon models.


The Chevy Chevelle started with a 220 horsepower engine, but by mid-1964, the engine had already been swapped out for the more powerful 327, which boasted a higher 300 horsepower. This change in engine signaled Chevrolet’s commitment to positioning the Chevell as a high-performance vehicle.

sorry girls! This car is definitely much more beautiful and attractive than yours. 🙂

Let’s flock to the fairgrounds, let’s not leave neither the classic car owners nor these cars that are the sun of the roads alone. There has been a motivation for all classic car owners and the associations that make up these differences, let’s protect our history and be with those who protect our history. At the same time, the fairgrounds are really like a carnival area because everyone went there willingly and each car thought of a note to history, and the fairgrounds are streets full of memories.


At the same time, I want to get our children used to it. I think one of the most important activities is the things about the past of this country.