Red Mustang and Dazzling poses.

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Red Mustang and Dazzling poses.

Before creating the content of the article, let me give you the Instagram address of this beautiful model who says she is a mustang fan. Maybe you want to take a look 😀 @baby_number_one01


The model, who said that she shot with this car for the first time for a fee, made a request from the director. Only five photos will be used out of 60 shots, she asked for 600 photos to be taken and she will publish these photos on her social account.


She did not share any of the photos of her dog and the photos inside the car during the shoot, she will share them on her social media account in the future.


The fact that he was having a photo taken with a dog led to some very good jokes. They laughed a lot by comparing the Mustang’s symbol, the horse, with the dog.


Another detail about this shoot is that this car was also rented. The bikini the model was wearing was designed for a black Mustang and the whole crew was surprised when it came in red. However, such shoots don’t cost much, so there is no room for small whims

Perfect poses…

The shots of the same model with the same car will be broadcast tomorrow evening at 4:00. I will compile those diaries for you tomorrow evening and I will be back again


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