Ten perfect photos

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Ten perfect photos

Ten perfect photos. These two models are not models whose names you can find in newspapers, on TV or in the tabloids, one of them did her first photo shoot with a Mustang and this is her second one, the other one is a person with 200.000 Instagram followers who gives them amazing poses. This is also the first time he’s posed in front of a car.



There is no doubt that they are both gorgeous. What they both have in common is their beauty, but they have one more thing in common: they both love American classic cars. This check made with a Porsche Marc’a car was actually going to take place with a Nova.

Since the color of the rented Nova was light brown, the shooting was postponed for 4 hours due to the whole color harmony and this vehicle was brought



Of course, the two models were not upset about this situation, but the production team promised a classic American car for the next shoot. In addition, he also informed that the location of the shooting will be a coastal neighborhood


Instagram model and social media influencer known for sharing fashion, swimwear, and lingerie photos on her lauren.sintes account. She has more than 210,000 followers on the platform.



She began sharing her modeling work on Instagram in 2018. Her first post is a black and white portrait.

perfect girl


She has traveled to shoots in exotic locations such as the Maldives and Tulum, Mexico.




She was born in the United Kingdom.



Her Instagram account is followed by many celebrities including Diplo.

perfect car and perfect girl. wow



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