Mustang-The Bright and Beautiful Kara Schaal

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Mustang-The Bright and Beautiful Kara Schaal

A perfect combination of girl next door and brown-haired beauty, Kara Schaal appeals to every kind of taste. Beautiful and brainy, this month’s Babe of the Month Kara Schaal is everything we could ever want in a car model. Currently a bartender, model, and a student, Kara has the determination and goals in life that will get her far, not to mention that she also looks amazing next to our 2006 Mustang GT. What more could Mustang fans want?

Perfect girl… Perfect car


Giving us a glipse of a couple of her tattoos, Kara looks stunning in the black Carbeau CR1 racing seat-equipped interior of this 2006 GT Mustang. Living in Temecula, California, Kara is currently studying to be a marine biologist.

To those who know Kara, this comes as no surprise as she’s an animal lover who enjoys spending her free time on the beach. In fact, on weekends when she’s not bartending, she’s out enjoying the local sand with her good friends.

“I am a mermaid,” Kara told us. Having a major passion for nature and the arts, Kara also enjoys biking, painting, playing guitar and modeling. To go along with her down-to-earth and fun personality, Kara describes herself as fun, happy and determined, telling us that she really admires positivity in others. Once she completes her degree, Kara hopes to work with marine life, continue to travel, and just be happy. Part of that includes to one day own her dream car- any vehicle that won’t hurt the environment, she tells us. Electric or not, we have a feeling that Kara will make her eco-friendly vehicle into a one-of-a-kind ride. “I love how much time people put into their cars,” Kara told us recently. “It is almost like art!”


Don’t let that sweet-girl smile fool you! Kara’s spunky look on life and addicting personality is anything but timid.

Speaking of art, for this month’s photo shoot, we captured Kara next to this amazing 2006 4.6L Mustang GT, which features a Cobra crank, Manley H-beam rods and pistons, a Ford Racing High Lift Hot Rod Cam set, and a 2.6L Kenne Bell supercharger.

With this setup, the car is capable of pushing 560 hp to the rear wheels via its GT500 TR-6060 transmission and Centerforce DYAD clutch tied to the car’s stock rearend.

No one can argue with this brown-eyed brunette posing along side a modern pony car, but with added brains and drive, we certainly couldn’t have picked a better gal for this month’s Babe of the Month.


Built for performance, the 2006 Mustang also features a full array of BMR suspension components and an American Racing longtube-equipped exhaust system. Adding injury to insult are the car’s high-performance Wilwood brakes, and 20-inch black Bose Forged Tach Alloy wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport Rubber. Poised and always ready for fun, Kara added the final touches to an already amazing car.

Decked out in American Muscle attire, Kara is right at home behind the wheel of this high-performance muscle car.

Able to turn heads everywhere she goes, Kara is truly beautiful, but more appealing than her looks alone is her arrogant-free attitude to match. As radiant as any California girl, Kara holds the fire for being one of the friendliest gals we’ve gotten to work with.