Lottie Moss Poses With 1969 Oldsmobile Muscle Car

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Lottie Moss Poses With 1969 Oldsmobile Muscle Car

Lottie Moss sister to supermodel Kate Moss, has caused pulses to raise on social media having been photographed in front of a 1969 Oldsmobile sporting racy lingerie.

The lingerie by Honey Birdette and the close up view of Lottie are the clear subjects of this image, but a wider view of the car would have been nice to add even more interest to the image, especially for fans of the muscle car.

Lottie and/or the photographer have a clear interest in muscle cars, so why not show off both to their best? Oldsmobile first produced vehicles under the name of Olds Motor Vehicle Co., starting in 1897.


The company was bought by General Motors in 1908 and produce many noticeable models, especially in the golden years of vintage muscle cars between 1968 and 1972.

The company is often quoted as producing the first muscle car with the 1949 Oldsmobile Rocket 88. A medium-sized vehicle with a 304ci. (5.0L) from the Oldsmobile 98 and the body from the Oldsmobile 76.

The Classic muscle car period saw models from the company such as the Oldsmobile 442 and Oldsmobile Cutlass with huge displacement engines such as the 400ci.

Lottie MOSS

V8 and 455ci. V8. Variants of both vehicles are some of the most respected from this period.

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Moss first appeared in the pages of American Vogue in 2011 as her elder half-sister’s wedding was featured in the magazine and Moss was a bridesmaid.[7] In 2014, Moss signed with Storm Management.

Her first featured photoshoot was an appearance in Dazed magazine while her first print editorial was in Teen Vogue.[8][9] That same year she was also featured in a series of ads for Calvin Klein, whom her sister had also modelled for.

[10] Moss landed her first Vogue cover in 2016, appearing on the cover of Paris Vogue alongside model Lucky Blue Smith.[11] In 2021 Moss announced she would be selling nude photos of herself on the content subscription service OnlyFans. Moss defended the decision by saying she was a “very sexual person”.[12] In an interview with the Private Parts podcast Moss revealed that because her career had heavily benefitted from nepotism she had an uncomfortable relationship with fame. She further explained that she enjoyed the control she had in the creation of her own content.[13]