Would you look at this beauty

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Would you look at this beauty

Would you look at this beauty? She’s enormous. As beautiful as she is, she’s also a fighter. Yeah, yeah, she tore up the whole set 😀 She tore up the city for that pink jacket you saw her wearing.

She traveled 380 kilometers for the white shoes on her feet and I think this model may be outdated in terms of whimsy. Honestly, I can’t be angry. I look at this photo and it’s worth everything. A woman like a poem, like a story.



Four kinds of bikinis were brought for the shoot and only one was to be chosen and she chose this one. The color of that car you see in the photos looks black to us, it is actually a dark navy blue car.

Therefore, she tried to catch a harmony there, both grasping the color of her hair, grasping the color of the car, and a red that shouts flamingly that I am here.


Perfect in every way. No need for too much comment

Q: Where is Marina Hane from?
A: Marina Hane was born in New York, United States and Marina Hane’ hometown: New York, United States

Those who thought that a model who appeared on the most important catwalks of the world would not come to the car catalog shootings were always wrong.


20 days later, she will take a 60-photo shoot with an American classic car, the only thing known is that the color of the car is red. Other than that, they did not give any information.


I am sure she will give a great market there too. This woman is amazing.


American classic cars are always the most preferred models for these kinds of catalog shoots, and frankly, I think Mustang is the most preferred. I think this model would be on fire with a Mustang.

No matter which car it is, it is sure to make a spectacular floor gutter.

I don’t like to exaggerate, but it’s a gorgeous model

Look at the innocence in these group photos




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