Lesson from Jessica Barton to the man

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Lesson from Jessica Barton to the man

This woman is a wonderful friend. This miraculous woman, who left her mark on an era, teaches the man next to her a very good lesson. For those who don’t know, let me tell you that the car they are in actually belongs to the woman and the man is very embarrassed.

The car’s perfect for her as she’s got a bit in common with it… They’re both starting to get on a bit age wise. They’re both heavily modified. Built in airbags. Clever. She seems really humble and like….you know….. smart and down to earth too.


No need to wear seat belt, you already got 2 airbags!. 😀 The look on her face to the camera as he is explaining what a clutch is to her is priceless lol lol lol

I love the way she drives!! She is awesome, almost as cool as the car! She was more aggressive than the male driver, and he didn’t like that. Wow one of my favorite car videos of all time, Ms. Jessica killed it, WOW!


I may have gone a little outside of America in this article, but you need to see these beauties.

Years later, this woman will be talked about as the smartest and most beautiful woman ever.


I laughed pretty hard when i realized why he was trying to make it a bumpy ride in the beginning. Jessica is smarter than many people would expect. You go girl!


When you sit in the passenger seat the perspective and the person’s reaction is VERY different. It’s not so much an act as it is that he loves fast cars and enjoys everything he drives. Just like the other video that shows him DRIVING the same car with another girl in the passenger seat.

(Did he actually explain to her which one was the clutch pedal and how to change gear? No wonder she floored it! )


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