The Latvian model

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The Latvian model

The Latvian model with the perfect body and a flawless look tells how she dreamed of coming to America from the age of 16 and how she received indecent offers after arriving in America


In Latvia, from the moment you become a young girl you feel pressure and this pressure causes a lack of self-confidence. Nobody comes and comments on what you are wearing, but they look at you in such a way that you feel that something is wrong. (Laughs)


It is hard enough to live in the family home, but this pressure in the neighborhood is exhausting. I had been dreaming of coming to America since I was 16 years old. It was a very big dream for me at that age, but I was determined to realize it. Because I have a character who does whatever he thinks.


When I was 20 years old, I came to America with the help of a boyfriend I met online who had a passion for motorcycles. I spent most of my time in America with him and he really took good care of me. I was always looking for a job, but nothing was going my way because I didn’t have a great talent.


In the group of friends I was in, they were always saying that my body was beautiful and that I could be a model, so I was uploading a lot of photos of myself on social media and I had 86,000 followers in a month.


I was very frustrated when a couple of the most trusted people in our group of friends offered me a paid relationship. Of course I refused (laughs) I immediately walked away and never spoke to them again.


A year after I came to the States, I got an offer from a very big organization to produce adult content for a very high amount of money. You could say pornographic movies. I complained at the time because they were very persistent and they were very hard on me.


That was the most painful time and then I found a good job and my social media account kept growing. Slowly I started going for simple shoots and then when I realized I could make money from it, I started taking more professional photos.


I have come to the present day really hard, now I am modeling with professional shootings, I do not regret coming to America at all, I think it was my most beautiful dream and I am very happy to realize it. All I want now is to be successful in my profession.


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