Jesica bartonArguing about perfection is pointless, but it doesn’t get than that!

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Jesica bartonArguing about perfection is pointless, but it doesn’t get than that!

looking at these photos is like breathing.

Arguing about perfection is pointless, but it doesn’t get sexier than that! Mustang and girl.

I remember her from a tv car show years ago, cant remember what the show was

She was also very beautiful and very dictionally correct in that program. Combined with the beauty of this blue car, the photos are like poetry.

Jessica representing the “heavyweights” and her twin the “bantamweights”…. We have it all, kids…


what else will a man want? Having a ride with them

Why muscle cars are better?

Powerful engine: Muscle cars have engines typically V8 or larger and have more horsepower than most cars. High speed: The powerful engine in a muscle car allows it to reach high speeds. While sports cars can safely speed through tight turns, muscle cars need to slow down while turning.

Why is it called American muscle?

Likening muscle to horsepower, American performance cars were first called muscle cars in the 1960s. A 1965 issue of Popular Science noted how the option of a high-horsepower Hemi-426 engine made the Dodge Coronet a muscle car. Car and Driver used the same term to describe the Pontiac GTO

Is A Mustang a muscle car?

The few muscle cars remaining in production by the mid-1990s included the fourth generation Mustang, fourth generation Camaro, and fourth generation Firebird.

Is Mustang the only muscle car left?

Growing exceptionally long-in-the-tooth, both the Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro are done after 2023, leaving the Ford Mustang as the only muscle-slash-pony car left.

But Ford isn’t just keeping the Mustang around while Stellantis and GM eye an electric muscle car future



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