here are some great poses

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here are some great poses

here are some great poses and a fascinating woman…

Here’s a car and a model in the perfect combination of red and black. Special and beautiful poses, a gorgeous car, a gorgeous woman. And this is how we bring you the last post of today


In this 9-hour shoot, there is only one crucial point and that is that the shooting crew was 17 people in total and these 17 people disturbed the model? Yes, you did not hear wrong, the model expressed that she was very uncomfortable and there was a lot of tension on set


In a photo shoot you will see two different cars, one with blue interior and one with red interior. The red car was rented and paid for 6 hours, but there was a venue problem in the car rented for the shooting. The owner of the car objected to taking the car to another venue and taking a photo shoot there. This caused complete chaos


Model Dilana is of Ukrainian origin, but she started working as a model after her trip to America. She explains, when I came to America, I didn’t have any job, but after my social media posts, I felt people’s interest in me and I continued sharing. Time brought me here.


Anyway, the woman who comes to America becomes a right model and a masculine thief and I don’t understand this.

Perfect body


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