Green car

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Green car

Hello everyone, I am publishing the last post of the day and of course this post has a story. The mannequin you see in the photo is 25 years old and a total patient. One sick of the color green, two sick of apples, three sick of classic American cars


She says that she got apple sickness from her childhood and that when she was a very young child she used to hide apples because her stepmother used to eat them a lot. He never tried to look for them because if he found them he would be beaten by his stepmother.



His fondness for classic American cars was formed thanks to the fairgrounds where his father took him from a very young age and he wanted to have an American car in this shoot.




He used a phrase to describe his fondness for classic American cars. He said we are like the star and the moon. (Laughter) We couldn’t make a harmony out of this statement, but they had a lot of fun.



The green color dream day was formed because of her favorite dress. She expresses her fondness for the color green by saying that green color and dark skin are quite concealing and the most noble colors, and since this fondness is a bit capricious, they waited four days to ensure that the car in this shoot was green.

He says he hasn’t earned enough money to buy a car yet, but he will make sure his first car is a classic Ford. He says that his father taught him how to drive at a very young age and that he is talented but has not yet been able to own a car.



We’ll give him a piece of advice here. Driving classic American cars is not that easy. It will be difficult to dominate against the powerful powerful engine and strong body. We warn him.


perfect girl

December 22nd is the new shooting date, they announced a 40 minute shoot in a dark green Chevy Chevelle.




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