Dazzling weekly photo gallery.

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Dazzling weekly photo gallery.

Think about it while browsing the photo gallery. What do you think the answer to this is?

Now you have a reason to relieve all the stress of the day. It only takes a few minutes to look at 20 beautiful photos.

In this photo, the model was supposed to be wearing a red halter dress, but because of a stain on the right side of the skirt (or so we think it was), the model had to take all of these photos in the clothes she came to the shooting location in.

Honestly, if you had seen the red dress she was going to wear next to the white car, I’m sure you would have preferred these short shorts because I don’t want to lower my eyelids when you look at these photos.

😀 which one has sharper lines and which one has a better design! Honestly I don’t know but they look perfect together. I think it’s the perfect photo and the perfect collaboration.

I have to admit that it’s really nice looking the only thing missing I guess is an engine sound! Now I wish I had added a nice video to this gallery. Don’t forget that no car in the world is as revered as the American classic car.

The real eyebrow car era, especially between 1970 and 1973, far surpasses anything made and produced today. It’s like these cars came to our planet from another planet and their design is not of this world, it’s really a privilege to travel in them.

I can’t believe how popular those old American muscle cars are now in Europe and especially the Scandinavian countries seem to have developed a very special love affair with our cars. These cars are the most special cars with an engine on the front hood and no matter how many times I see them, in my mind and soul they will never get old.

Let me tell you about a moment. I sold a 1969 model of this car when I didn’t need any money and there was no reason to sell it. I don’t know how it could be such an ass, but it had the best sound I’ve ever had. I want to listen to its engine like a song right now and I regret it very much.

Did you notice the license plate! 😀 I don’t know if there is anything in the world that makes a man happier than a woman who is interested in the engine of a car. I think if there is, it’s two women who are interested in the engine of a car 😀

Lottie moss.. pf. Perfect.

This gallery is finished. I admit it’s a bit provocative, but that’s the way these cars should be. We are building the next gallery with exactly 50 photos and there will be 20 photos that have never been published before and have never existed on the internet before, I hope you enjoyed this article.

Girls who love cars aren’t weird… They are a gift from god.

şşş. smalll girl. Chevelle. Chevelle 😀

Because legendary…


Dazzling weekly photo gallery.

Don’t look at its color and say it’s the sea or the sky… color doesn’t matter. he’s a fiery predator