Dazzling and fascinating design

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Dazzling and fascinating design

In this article, I will only give you my feelings and thoughts without giving any information about the car. For example, what do you feel when you look at this car? Especially when compared to current cars, this machine I am looking at is a masterpiece. When I look at modern cars with a dazzling and fascinating design, I see a crumpled piece of aluminum or tin, but when I look at this car, I see a body as solid as steel.

I wonder how a car can be so aesthetically pleasing, especially in this photo taken from the rear bumper. How can a car be so attractive? Characteristically, this machine I looked at is literally the symbol of power and in terms of design, it is definitely not from this planet.

I see some people comparing American classic muscle cars with the market brands we call modern, or they don’t compare them, but I see those who act as if they are superior cars, and I laugh. Yes. I am laughing. Because in this photo of this car, I cannot find anything in those cars that makes me feel the aesthetics that penetrate my soul.

I can only say this: I want to see one of these cars on every street and on every corner of America. I don’t want to see these cars disappear.

Sometimes followers comment and say that they are experiencing unnecessary emotion. No. It is definitely not unnecessary because these cars are my childhood, these cars are my love, these cars are the dreams I had when I was young and immature, these cars are a work that reminds me of things from the past and makes me think of my youth.

When anyone looks at this car, they can make any comment about it being old or beautiful, but when I look at it, the first thing I think about is that the world was more beautiful in those years and I had much more energy in those years. Most importantly, this car is my history.

Do you know that sometimes I remember my father when I see this car?

How can a car that reminds me of my father be any car?

Amazing car

Some things in human life exist with more spiritual value than their material value.

Sometimes we find a memory from the past in cars, sometimes in the window of a house we look at while passing by, so what you see is also important from what you look at.

I would like to talk to all of you one by one to see what you see in this car.


It has been beautifully restored and is in very good harmony.


These photos would be much more interesting if the photographer had adorned them with a beautiful model.

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