Babe of the Month: The Gorgeous Sarah Swords

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Babe of the Month: The Gorgeous Sarah Swords

With piercing hazel eyes, alluring curves and a passion for life, this month’s Babe of the Month is a knock out in so many ways.

In addition to the hot rods, muscle cars, and modern performance cars that are such an important part of the automotive industry, the females that add spice to automotive magazine covers, the center of automotive catalogs and even their very own features, help the hobby go round. After all, the one thing you see more of than anything at trade shows, aside from car parts of course, are beautiful women acting as faces of the industry. But these girls are much more than pretty faces, killer bods, and a knack for making any car look better. To highlight this, these gorgeous gals, whether professional models by trade or by hobby,  get a chance to express themselves further and let us in on who they really are through our Babe of the Month feature. This month, we’re excited to introduce you to a freelance model and real go-getter; Ms. Sarah Swords.

Whether you’re into cars, beauties or both, this winning combination is sure to grab your attention!

Sarah is an all-around Southern California girl who’s hometown of Temecula is just right down the way from our office in Murrieta, California. When she’s not showing off her fantastic curves in front of gorgeous Mustangs for shoots like ours, she works as a licensed cosmetologist, specializing in wedding hairstyles and makeup. As you can see from her fabulous smoke-lined Hazel eyes and lustrous deep red locks, she’s more than good at what she does.

When work isn’t consuming her time, Sarah likes to go snowboarding and to the gym, where she partakes in crossfit training. Being active is Sarah’s cup of tea and she likes to keep busy, whether it’s participating in some sort of adventurous competition or hiking the hills of California. On a typical weekend, you’ll usually find her working, i.e. doing hair and makeup for weddings, doing crossfit, or grocery shopping.

A true beauty, we’re sure she gets lots of longing looks everywhere she goes, no matter how mundane of a task she has undertaken. But sorry guys, this little lady is taken, as she recently married her soul mate!

As we said before, Sarah’s a real go-getter and hopes to own her own salon some day. She’d also like to backpack through Europe for the ultimate vacation, and eventually have a family of her own- something she told us she can’t live without. Another thing that’s important to Sarah is health, which she maintains not only by staying active but also by eating right. As you can tell, it’s all paying off for her.

Sarah’s current vehicle is a Jeep Grand Cherokee, but she’d love to get behind the wheel of a Range Rover some day.

While a shiny new Range Rover may be her dream car, we can’t deny that she looks perfectly at home in front of our fifth-generation Mustang, which joined Sarah’s photo shoot along with many Mustang performance parts.

Every day you hear people talking about living life to the fullest. This is one of Sarah’s many passions which she pursues regularly by trying to enjoy every aspect of life. In love and enjoying her job, her husband, and her amazing friends, Sarah seems to have found her own key to beauty, happiness and true fulfillment. What more could a beautiful and successful gal ask for (besides a Mustang)?

Powered by Ford? Maybe not quite but her poise and beauty could certainly convince us otherwise.