Monday gallery 29 stunning photos and stories

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Monday gallery 29 stunning photos and stories

We have created and commented on this week’s gallery for you. Today’s last photo gallery and my favorite is definitely the Pontiac and the noble woman leaning against it. I hope you like it.


My first thought when I saw this photo was why is the underwear red? Or why is the car such an interesting color. Whatever it is, it’s very interesting.


The reason I put this photo here was for you to compare the curves of the mannequin with the curves of the car. I have added only two of the 11 photos to this gallery, please see the photo above. The most aesthetic curves of the car and the beautiful mannequin side by side


I don’t care what brand the car is, what country it is made in or who drives it. I look for power and aesthetics. And this photo is very noble


SHe is, don’t you think?


And she’s a beast on America’s roads, tearing up the asphalt. A woman so beautiful that she doesn’t need to attract attention with nudity. She’s as aesthetically pleasing and striking


I think my biggest regret until this age is not having the car you see in this photo.


Aesthetics, power, beauty


Sometimes we just look at a photo and pass by, we don’t need to interpret it much because there is only the image that feeds our soul


A perfect body in a perfect tonal color


Here is this work of art




This photo has a little story. This photo is someone else’s car, that is, a car independent of the mannequin, and when he was passing on that road with a commercial taxi, he saw a car in the color of his shoes and wanted to take a photo, that’s all. I think it’s fantastic.


This car and this woman are incredible


Any comments on this photo could put me in a difficult position.


Keep quiet