And here is the most tired mannequin

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And here is the most tired mannequin

And here is the most tired mannequin. Yes, our model, who gave us images with a total of four Mustangs, is posing with a Porche this time.


He says that these shootings were very calm after the very problematic Mustang shootings, the only thing he complains about is that the people around him do not disperse and their eyes are on him.


This did not appear in any of the photos, but it was true that more than 100 people gathered and the machine was quite disturbing.

Because of the crowd gathered during the long shootings, the model canceled many of the bikini shots.


The production company made the following statement. We had the disadvantage of shooting in another country. We didn’t have any translators with us and we didn’t know the language to communicate with them.



Although we called the police twice in a row, they didn’t come. We had to end the shoot early because the police didn’t show up.


That mannequin was unaware that the police had been called and if she had known, she would have been even more scared.


After the Mustang that they couldn’t get after renting it for previous shoots, the Mustang that the crew had an accident on the way to the shooting location after renting it, and the Mustang that didn’t match the dress for their last shoot, he says it wasn’t even a problem.


He states that the next shootings will take place in front of a marshmallow factory in New York, again with a Russian tank.


Laughing and saying another Mustang, the model makes a joke that this time I will go to buy the car


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