On October 21

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On October 21

Hello everyone, this is going to be the most interesting article we have ever done, because for the first time ever we are sharing a car that was used in a theft.


We didn’t say it wrong at all. This car was actually used in a theft case and it was revealed after the shootings.


On October 21, between ten o’clock in the morning and three o’clock in the afternoon, a withdrawal was made without any problems and the vehicle was delivered to the owner. What happened after that


On the same day, the police come to the photo studio, but they can’t find the manager. The next day in the morning, the police come again and the manager is called to give a statement, where he learns everything

The car rental company was a company that rented not only its own vehicles but also the vehicles that other people brought to it to generate income, and this vehicle was brought to it for rental.



The company that rented the vehicle to make these special shots rented this vehicle and made the shots, unaware of everything. He delivered the vehicle without any problems.


The truth is this. This car was used by the robbers during a bank robbery in 2021 and was never on the road. Until the day of this shoot


You see, the car you see right now is more famous than the model.

I’m copying the model’s instagram address for you here. I recommend you to take a look because it’s absolutely gorgeous and in the future we will prepare an article for you from her photos with Chevelle

Perfect girl


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