Prfect photos

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Prfect photos

If those behind-the-scenes shots were released, everyone would be laughing their heads off. The car was not the center of attention, the dog was the center of attention. Why? The model is afraid of the dog 😀


Normally, the mannequin would wear kimonos and not wear glasses. When she wore a kimono, they took it off because the dog was attracting too much attention, and they advised her to wear glasses because the fearful expression was understood from her eyes lol This is such a shot


The most important detail is that they actually decided to broadcast the whole thing as a distant shot after they finished shooting it 😀


I mean, the fear of the dog is so high that they think that the quality of the shot decreases when it gets closer.


But no matter what anyone says, I liked it very much because it’s a good combination

The shootings were supposed to start at 3:00 pm and end at 5:00 pm, but due to the incompatibility of the model and the dog, the hours took a big blow and the shootings ended at 11:30 pm.


You can already see from the photos that it is either too far away, or the model’s head is not visible, and I think you can understand how scared the model is by the fact that she is wearing glasses at night.


Now the only question mark in your head is this. Was it necessary to scare the mannequin so much, I mean, isn’t it cruel of the director, frankly, I found it ridiculous

Perfect car

and perfec girl


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