Mustang-crazy model!

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Mustang-crazy model!

The latest shots of the Mustang-crazy model! This time she’s created an unbelievably beautiful combination


During the shootings, which lasted from 11:10 to 15:00, our model got behind the wheel of the car at every break and spent time there.


This woman is a Mustang freak. Yesterday we shared the shots she did with the sea blue and White Mustang and today we share the shot they did with the red Mustang


They are both very beautiful and it’s like they are not from this planet.


Mustang is older than the mannequin 😀 the mannequin is only 26.


Carla Guetta Cohen is a well-known French model and actress, celebrated for her exceptional work in the fashion industry, film, and television. She was born in France on April 10, 1997.


Carla began her modeling career at a young age and soon made her mark with her exceptional talent and hard work.

Throughout her illustrious career, Carla has graced the runways for several high-end fashion brands and has appeared in numerous fashion campaigns, earning recognition and accolades from the industry.

Alongside her successful modeling career, Carla has also made a mark in the entertainment industry, showcasing her talent as an actress. Her notable roles include appearances in the movies Ibiza and Sky High, which also features Miguel Herrán, Carolina Yuste, Asia Ortega, and Luis Tosar.



Apart from her modeling and acting work, Carla has also garnered a massive following on Instagram, where she shares her personal fashion, travel, and lifestyle content, making her a popular and influential social media personality.



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