17 Year Old Girl Crashes ’68 Chevelle

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17 Year Old Girl Crashes ’68 Chevelle

17 year old girl is making passes down the track in a 1968 Chevelle, that has a beast of a motor. Besides how quick the car is from the start, it’s also packing a 350 horsepower shot of nitrous.


She starts out by doing a quick burnout to warm up the tires. She lines up and the green light flashes, sending her down the track in an instant. Straight as an arrow, the run was perfect. Then she lines up again, ready to hit the motor with a little go-juice. However a bad start leaves her sitting only a few feet from the starting line.



The last run was set up in the right lane, which might be her downfall.

The car launches like a bat out of hell and she’s off, using all 350 of those extra horses. Then at the top end of the track, disaster strikes and she loses control, slamming into the left lane wall.



Luckily, she was uninjured and walked away. Her great driving skills kept the damage minimal to the Chevelle as well.


The front and rear quarter panels were beaten up, but being fiberglass, the damage looks worse than it really is.



Now you’re probably thinking, it’s a 17 year old girl, of course she crashed! But what actually happened had nothing to do with her age or gender.

The driveshaft broke on the top end, upsetting the car and causing it to lose control. All things that were completely out of her control, and she did an amazing job of saving the car when the worse happened.


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