2500 hp 1970 Dodge Challenger

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2500 hp 1970 Dodge Challenger

The money and effort spent on this car will surprise you all, I’m sure it has been watched 100 million times, I ask you to watch this video carefully because every second is worth it.

I know that even people who are not car enthusiasts say “oh damn, how much work has been done on this car” when they see this car. This car is definitely one of a kind and I’m surprising myself right now but I would give anything to have this car.


Even the airbags in this car are great. The journey you can make with this car will give you great pleasure. Isn’t it beautiful in real combination? I mean, all the details were thought out perfectly, while the exterior was already a work of art, they also turned the interior of the car into a complete work of art. The engine of this car is absolutely brutal, my friend. Can you imagine yourself in this car absolutely brutal on the roads dude?

They spent the most money on the mechanism required to adjust the driving height of this car, and they can adjust the height of the car with a pneumatic system. This shows how adaptable the car can be to off-road conditions.


The level of craftsmanship on this car in every minute of the video is mind-blowing, there is incredible customization and development on the car in question, we can all agree on one thing right now and that is that this car is a complete work of art. Is not it?

I would like to look at it from a slightly humorous perspective. If a person can design such a harmonious and high design on a car, if he has the ability to do such wonderful works, then we should give this man a chance. I would love him to show us what he can do in the world. This is what artists want to do, too. That’s what he does. This man and this car are incredible, my friend.


The person who buys this car will not be able to drive it, he will probably show off 2500 hp, but he will not be able to drive it. In the video, they don’t show anything other than leaving the parking lot and getting in and out of the garage. As far as I understand, they are incredibly protective of the car and this is really what it deserves.

But I would really like to see it driven, I would like to see this miraculous car driven on the road in pitch black, making the asphalt cry, and I’m curious about the price of this car today, friends.



Assuming it was $500,000 two years ago, do you think it’s $1 million now? So frankly, I don’t think we can have a car like this for $1 million because it will be very specially designed. If you have a price in mind, please share it in the comments regarding the value of the car.

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