(10 Photos) the best you’ve ever seen CHEVELLE

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(10 Photos) the best you’ve ever seen CHEVELLE

Here is a new work of art that you have never seen before that will dazzle you. A car that is beyond perfect, a monster of the roads and a wonderful model that is as aesthetically pleasing as the car that belongs to it.

I was amazed by the harmony of the color of the sunset and the color of the car in these photos, but you should also listen to the swearing coming from the engine of this legendary car in the video below.

This photo… wow. never gets old.


Hell, that was the best burnout I’ve seen in my entire life. wow very clean chevelle. love the paint and stripes. Still Cool after all these years! AND. i was wondering something… i know these cars are super powerfull and can handle something like this and im sure its a lot of fun … but does it hurt the engine to do that ? making it force like this for a long period. Can you do this without being scrared of blowing it up ?

That was inspiring. I did notice that your driveway was wet, but everyone was wearing rain jackets so that makes it okay. Your car sounded sooooo good. I like imports, but I know that honestly nothing can replace what happened on that video. Turbo, nitrous .. whatever … it’s about impossible to replace the feel, emotion, and awesome power of what you have. Excellent video, and thank you for sharing that tidbit with us.

it was raining most of the day. this was my second burnout. I was having a little wheel hop problem so wee added more watter. At the end you can here the water sizzling as I pulled away. Pleas check out my other videos. Thanks AL.

Inspiring and perfect. It’s nice to see someone explaining what these cars are for and reintroducing these cars to the world with these special photos, but the most important thing is that there are still some videos about this car on YouTube.

A comment from our follower: I didn’t know what I needed as I sat at home feeling depressed this evening, but some of your photos of cars and women reminded me again what fun is. Thank you very much for preparing these contents, I am Thomas, good day, for reminding me of my favorite fast cars and the most beautiful looking women at my age.

The most beloved car of all time and simply the heartbeat of America could be in this photo


the sound of a muscle car gives me butterflies. i can almost smell the tires and exhaust.

I own a 1966 Ford LTD with a 390 board out to a 420 HP engine, it has a 200 HP Nitrous tank, duel cherry bombs or i can switch it to straight exaust where it shoots a flame out bout 3-4 ft, i got drag slicks on it to, and ive won every race i went in at the drag strip easily with a 7.8 sec average 1/4 mi. time