10 Fastest Muscle Cars of 1968

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10 Fastest Muscle Cars of 1968

Back in 1968, it was like the ultimate muscle car showdown, with iconic rides tearing up the streets and drag strips.

Several automakers were in an all-out race to create the slickest, speediest, and budget-friendliest performance cars.

To call these cars masterpieces is a understatement, they are beautiful with a lot of hard work from talented people.


had to be honest I watch this for ‘other’ reasons😎, not into cars but I’m so amazed with the paint job.


there are many different cars in the world, but 1968 is very different. It’s indescribable.

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Whatch video. Because perfect.

This year’s Japan Mobility has been one of the most eventful and progressive showcases to date, as the country’s best manufacturers gathered their latest creations to show fans what to expect in the coming years. 2023 was the year of the electric cars, with an expansive catalog of multiple body styles all incorporating battery electric technology. These cars paint a clear roadmap of what fans and potential consumers can expect from Japan’s manufacturers in the years to come. Many products excited the crowd, yet some concepts stood out more than others.

Most of the concept cars that appear on this list will be heading to production in some way, shape, or form. Specific creations will cater to the Japanese market, but most will target global sales, promising a more diverse and exciting array of electric car options.

Honda pays homage to one of its most iconic models with the Sustania-C and Pocket combination. The funky subcompact sustainable duo acknowledges the City Turbo II and Motocompo package, with futuristic electric drivetrains, LED lights, and external displays. The Japanese manufacturer also takes this opportunity to introduce new innovations like recycled acrylic body panels and a digital display on the tailgate to communicate with fellow motorists and pedestrians.

The Pocket EV scooter is an ideal accessory that users can enjoy in tighter and denser environments. This was a combination the brand explored in the 80s, but with the power of electrification, it just makes more sense for a modern application. There’s no official word on whether Honda is bringing this concept to the market, but many JDM fans are sure to be crossing their fingers for this, as the original City Turbo is significantly hard to come by, especially in the USA.

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